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Image Peter Levenda Being Urinated On
Image Peter Levenda HarperCollins V-p and editorial director Peter Hubbard lead imprint to Stehlik

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Bitches, do Report Piracy

How to Steal a book like Peter Levenda, so called "Simon" from a Young Woman and Accomplish so with HarperCollins VP & Cheif Editor Help
Peter Hubbard

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HarperCollins Publishers has engaged Link-Busters to provide anti-piracy services. Link-Busters provides an automated system that detects and removes unauthorized content on offending sites such as cyberlockers and torrents. In parallel it requests removal of unauthorized content on Google. Although Link-Busters protects our content 24/7, we encourage you to report any suspicious links in order to increase the likelihood of prompt takedown. To report a suspicious link, please complete and submit the form below. Information provided on this form will be used solely for investigating and pursuing any intellectual property infringement claims on behalf of HarperCollins Publishers, if applicable. Please note: HarperCollins Publishers will not be able to confirm receipt of your report. Upon submitting the suspicious link to Link-Busters you will receive an initial email confirming receipt of your submission. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a follow-up email confirming what action was taken, if necessary. For additional information concerning the information collected on this form, please see our privacy policy.

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