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Since 1817, HarperCollins, a random family, that is, Mr. Harper & Miss Collins whom never got married and may or may not had bastards, has helped spread the written word only.  Nay, nothing oral. earned a rich history that few companies can rival (that is to compete) excluding the British East India Company. The Harpers brought out some of the notable authors like Sisters Bronte Rockers, Sisters Rockz, Charles the Pity Seeker ..etcetra.  Today, the Harpers of HarperCollins can still claim that authors are money makers, not a common knowledge indeed. But in order to give the owned authors a wonderful publishing experience, the entity of the cooperate gives them money to spend or for them to hoard. From the dark roots as the modest print shop the Harpers today are a global publishing house nearly 2000 years later.  The wage earners of HarperCollins couple have always been central to their success—for both the authors and the business. As the second largest consumer book publisher in the universe to assume, they have nearly 4,000,000 employees working across the flat-globe to propel the authors forward with helmets on toward the Egg within the lushy warm channels to fertizlie the oval shaped center; some may be outsourced too, or A.I. and both are cheap labor with no feelings to conisder or be cautious of as a coorporate-universal sees it.  Nothing new to the public, yet wonderful to be reminded of the smell of the chains that bonds the people to Naught.  Fear is an illusion, and thus so guarantees are.  Why would you seek guarantees in life?  Nothing stays the same, and it's always more rich than our imagination, or the corporate as an egregore, imagination or scheming which are goaded with a slavish ethos for the few that are not of the French Monarchy and their all agreed upon blood. I did not agree on a world ruled by bastards, or a world that lacks the high born blood.

In Summa, like every corporate,  you are born into a world defined and defiled by their total, we are a ma and pa shop, that grew, supposedly grew as a natural progression to a corporate with international tenacles; yet we are still warm and humane like our presumed origins, mommy and daddy little shop and hobby while the world goes around swiftly amid the clouds. And we know how you, the presumed People feel about corporates for we are mortal like you.  Yet, you cannot do anything about it, you shall live and die by our rules.  Be thankful that we feed you your own dung and give you that little space to squat within you call 'property'  and a god that lacks any of the Roman or Grecian lustre, while you are within our yokes as we do invade earth and leave no land nor sky, nor other people unmolseted in a fashion that resembles Atlantis before it's fall.  The New Atlantis should not repeat what Atlantis had done and was done.

Letters from Tracy Twyman

Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

Tracy R Twyman:  December, 2009
"I had HarperCollins, one of the largest publishers in the world, interested in my material. But when I sent them my sample chapters on request from one of the editors [ Peter Hubbard  peter.hubbard@harpercollins.com ],  they actually had one of their other authors (my former friend Peter Levenda, who had recommended me to them) steal my work and publish it as his own. The book Papal Magic by Simon (Levenda's pen name and the "editor" of the Necronomicon) was almost entirely ripped from one of my sample chapters, word for word. I can't afford a lawyer and thus can do nothing about it. The Da Vinci Code Decoded by Martin Lunn, an international bestseller, was essentially written by me as well. But at least I was in on that scam and agreed to it willingly. The publisher came to me and asked me to write it, but since I was already in a prohibitive contract with Weiser at the time, I couldn't take the offer. So I let one of my friends take credit as the author and I only got a 10% agent commission. Then I lost my contract with Weiser because of Boyd's [Rice] behavior , and that was it."

Tracy R Twyman:  February, 2009
“The roots of the Hocus Pocus essay actually come from a detailed chapter outline I wrote for another book that I proposed to HarperCollins in 2006. I asked Peter [Levenda] if he could hook me up with his editor [Peter Hubbard] there. He gave me the guy’s email address, and I sent a 1-page query to the editor. The guy wrote back saying he was interested and wanted to see a detailed outline with sample chapters. I sent these to him. I never heard back from him. A few months later, Papal Magic came out. It followed my outline almost exactly.

Yes, I am saying that Peter Levenda stole my book
. Probably on the advice of his editor [ Peter Hubbard at HarperCollins - William Morrow ]. It's not uncommon for editors to take book proposals they like from unknown authors, and give them to more famous authors to write, screwing the original author completely. I just didn't think Peter [Levenda] would do that to me, but he did."

“[W]ell, it took me a while to figure out what happened. After I didn’t hear back from the editor, I just forgot about the book proposal completely. I interviewed Peter for the radio show. Everything seemed kosher. He didn’t tell me about Papal Magic when it came out. I found it myself at the book store one day. And in fact, even when I read it, I noticed some similarities with what I had written, but I actually assumed that I had sent the proposal after Papal Magic was published, or after it was in production. I thought maybe that was why the publisher hadn’t gotten back to me–because he already had a book about the same subject in the works. Until one day I was came across the original emails I sent. I checked the dates of the emails and the dates of Papal Magic’s publication. And I looked at the chapter outline I had sent, and compared it with the book. In some cases entire paragraphs are almost identical. Then I realized what had happened."

Tracy R Twyman:  February, 2009
"And actually the word count in my essay is probably larger than the total word count in Papal Magic."  
Tracy R Twyman:  April, 2009
“But since literally [Peter Levenda] stole one of my manuscripts and published it at HarperCollins with his jack-off Simon pseudonym, I no longer talk to him”  
Tracy R Twyman:  June, 2008
“About the Necronomicon: Levenda gets very defensive if you suggest that it was fake, or that Simon is his pen name (even though someone at HarperCollins recently leaked a document to the public proving that Levenda is getting paid as the author of the Necronomicon books). “    

Since 1817, HarperCollins has helped spread the written word and earned a rich history that few companies can rival. We have brought some of the world’s most notable authors to the forefront including the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Harper Lee, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, William Thackeray, Mark Twain and Margaret Wise Brown, to name only a few. Today, we can still proudly say that authors are at the center of everything we do. But in order to give our authors a wonderful publishing experience, we need great people—people with passion for not only the written word, but for the innovation, growth and change that our industry demands. From our roots as the modest print shop opened by James & John Harper to today’s global publishing house nearly 200 years later, the people of HarperCollins have always been central to our success—for both our authors and our business. As the second largest consumer book publisher in the world, we have nearly 4,000 employees working across the globe to propel our authors forward in the ever-changing world of publishing. [from https://www.harpercollins.com/pages/careers-about ]