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How to Steal a Book From a Struggling Young Woman
And Hand It Over to 'Peter Levenda' / Simon via HarperCollins Publications
With Executive Editor Help Peter Hubbard

“Yes, I am saying that Peter Levenda stole my book. Probably on the advice of his editor [ Peter Hubbard at HarperCollins – William Morrow ]. It’s not uncommon for editors to take book proposals they like from unknown authors, and give them to more famous authors to write, screwing the original author completely. I just didn’t think Peter [Levenda] would do that to me, but he did.”

Tracy Twyman, February 2009

“But since literally [Peter Levenda] stole one of my manuscripts and published it at HarperCollins with his jack-off Simon pseudonym, I no longer talk to him”

Tracy Twyman, April 2009

About the Necronomicon: Levenda gets very defensive if you suggest that it was fake, or that Simon is his pen name (even though someone at HarperCollins recently leaked a document to the public proving that Levenda is getting paid as the author of the Necronomicon books)“

Tracy Twyman, June 2008

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